Mark Niles - Profile PictureOne of my first memories as a child was a passion to travel and see the world. Well that desire was quickly followed be a need to share the moments of those travels. So I started taking pictures.

As a pre-teen I traveled Canada in the summers and seen so much of this country. Then my travels started taking me through out the U.S. and to distant countries. Traveling the world and seeing so many different cultures and customs continued this desire to capture the moments.

Capturing moment from 25 different counties on numerous trips throughout the world. I could simply not stop myself from taking pictures that tells a story. Then sharing those pictures with as many as possible when I got back home.

Having the honour of having requests from around the world to use my photos in magazines, websites, presentations, greeting cards and brochures, My favourite being, the requested photo of the Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia used in one of their brochures.

I believe getting involved in theatre in 1992 only served as a gateway to conveying a message through drama and theatre and this further developed a desire to capture the moment.

I then returned to my hometown of Fredericton New Brunswick where I completed my Bachelor of Arts in English (Theatre Arts) and psychology.

Weddings Galore!!! There was a time where I was invited to 18 plus weddings in just over a year. My friends that can be costly! So I started taking photos and going where the hired photographer was not, to get more shots I knew the Bride and Groom would love. Giving these pictures to the couples as a gift. It was during this time that I learned what Brides and Grooms really wanted in their pictures, the capturing of their character and personality.

Since that time, I have had the honour of photographing a number of weddings in locations throughout Canada and my personal favorite, the destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Photographing animals at the San Diego, Toronto and Calgary Zoos. In the area of sports I have photographed the Calgary Hitmen, the Calgary Roughnecks, at a number of major league ballparks and minor league sports as well, along with a number of different special occasions.

Photography is a never-ending learning curve so in June of 2011, I completed a Photography Certificate of Achievement at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (S.A.I.T.). Taking a wide variety of courses with some  incredible assignments to really make sure we grasped the concepts of photography and “Capturing the Moment” in greater and greater ways. Now when I leave my cameras at home, I often feel as though I might miss something I always want to capture the moments.